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Guides to Choose the Right Logo Fonts and References

All of us know the importance of logo fonts, especially if you want to make your branding interesting and appealing. The font is a crucial element in making a logo.

The changing symbol of your brand will completely change the character and message. It means that the power of font is so strong to influence your clients’ emotions and thoughts.

For your information, there are many fonts for logos out there. How can you know the right one for your brand? There are some tips and tricks to do, here are some of the guides. 

What are the Best Logo Fonts?

The best logo fonts for people can be different because it is based on the message that you want to deliver. However, some fonts are considered the perfect options here.

Those are sans serif, serif, display font, and script (cursive). You can choose one of them or maybe more, but many experts recommend not using more than two fonts in the same symbol. 

Take an example if you decided to use two fonts here. You may use the main style for your brand name (monogram), and another style is for your slogan. Applying more than two styles will look cluttered and messy. 

The best logo fonts must be able to deliberate choices even in a minimum design only. There are some formulas of font pairing choices that you may need to know as follows: 

  • Sans serif slogan + serif logo text
  • Script or handwritten for the logo + sans serif for the slogan
  • Modern font + slab serif slogan
  • Sans serif slogan + funky logo

The Best Fonts for Logo

Produktype as one of the best font’s foundry has so many interesting options for you. Those are the right styles and designs to make a symbol and here are the choices:

1.     SEJENAK

Sejenak is one of the logo fonts that uses the hand-drawing concept. That is why; this style is so natural with the smooth edges and lines. It is good to make a symbol to show the positive side of your brand.

Due to its appearance, SEJENAK will be great for creating the brand of coffee, restaurants, resort’s name, and so on. You can also use this style to make a slogan or short message.

2.     AQREN

It is a display font from Produktype that is popular. The shape is bold and quite thick so that your brand will be easily seen by people. Besides the right boldness, the shape of every letter is also unique.

You will see the right touch of art here and everything is designed beautifully. It is one of the best logo fonts that is recommended by many businessmen out there.

3.     MAEN GAME

Maen Game is an example of a script that is so playful. That is why; it is suitable for brands or projects that are thick of cheerfulness. Examples are if you want to make some gaming projects, brands for kids, and so on.

To make this font more unique, you may apply several different colorful shades for every letter. It is a brand new display font from Produktype that must be in your library from now.

4.     SAMENT

Do you want to make a logo that is strongly related to the Japanese style? If it is so, you must choose SAMENT because it is one of the logo fonts that have that vibe.

The details will remind you of Japan because somehow the lines look like a samurai. Some shapes resemble the traditional house of Japan too. It is a good choice if you want to make a symbol of a Japanese restaurant or something like that.


RAXON is an option that brings you the futuristic vibe. It can be seen from the shape of this display’s futuristic font that is neat and has some sharp edges, but still easy to read.

Overall, the characters and letters of these logo fonts resemble modern technology. You may apply it to make a robotic symbol, gadget, and many more again.

6.     NEBORA

Nebora is a new style from Produktype and it is classified as a sans serif font. This option has a great balance and space between every letter that is used.

That is why; Nebora can make your brand’s name stand out. Whatever your choices are, please visit and order from Productype to get the best logo fonts ever.

Guides to Choose the Right Logo Fonts and References 1

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