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About Trend Font and Some Guides to Choose the Best One

About Trend Font and Some Guides to Choose the Best One 1

Trend font is a term that we need to understand, especially if we want to make a branding or project in 2024. This trend script is the font used frequently these days by many people.

You must know that nowadays designers are getting more innovative in picking fonts. They must choose the ones that are connected to several designs. 

One thing that we must know about this trend font is that it is not always about the visually appealing one. You must consider some other aspects such as balance and overall tone. 

The Trend Font Options Lately

To decide on the ‘happening’ fonts lately, we must create a clear boundary. That is why; let us use 2023 and 2024 as the chosen years.

Graphic design has the biggest impact on the trend in 2023. The interesting thing is nostalgia is still becoming the common element where its expression gives us various vibes.

Those can be familiar comforts, futuristic vibes, or dark looks, and some are looking for a sense of bygone beauty. Furthermore, some events also have a role in deciding the trend font lately.

An example is the war between Ukraine and Russia. Then an issue of inflation also becomes a reason why people find nostalgic motifs nowadays. 

The Fonts That Become a Trend

If you want to know more about the trend font options, you should check the Productype website. It has many wide options for those fonts and here are some of them.

1.     Mid-Century Modern or Retro Look

This option is timeless, and that is why; you may need to consider using this font. This retro look can be made from cursive letters, handwritten, or maybe a combination of both.

Then, you can combine it with some retro colors such as brown, broken white, teal blue, tangerine orange, apple green, and so on. Meanwhile, the size must be based on your project’s needs.

For this mid-century or retro-looking trend font, Productype offers several great options. Those are Aenos, Rantic Kafis, Jemrok, Rodixu, and Kelaskin

2.     Futuristic Theme

In 2024, all of us are always amazed by the robotic things or something that represents the future. That is why; it affects the modern or trendy font as well.

The futuristic theme is influenced by technology, neon things, sharp edges, and decorative designs that are not irregular, but still readable. It is good to combine them with a bright light background too.

You can see some examples from Productype for this futuristic theme. Those are the Gobah, Mexury, and Sazone. These trend font options meet the vibes of a futuristic theme well.

3.     Serif Modern Font

This style has a classic form that is mixed with small apertures, horizontal serifs, vertical lettering, and contrasting strokes. This serif modern is recommended for a brand that is luxurious, timeless, and authoritative.

On Productype you can find some examples of this serif modern style. These fonts are a trend this year, and that is why; you may need to try them too.

Those trend font options are Rodixu, Kelaskin, Jemrok, Nebora, Genia, Ganyota, Adahi, and many more again. The options are displayed there and you can also see the whole details. 

4.     The font that Represents a Country

Have you ever heard about K-Pop? It is a music trend from Korea that has been booming lately. A lot of people in the world adore it so much, and it can be your inspiration to choose a pop.

This is because there are some Korean-style scripts available right now. Just like what you can see in Productype the names of those styles are Kirame, Wefumi, Daebak Mrow, and Waom.

Those represent Korea well from its shapes and style. You can use this trend font for your brand’s name, logo, website, header, and so on.

Buy Them at Productype

So many cool and trendy options above are available at Productypea. You can visit the website to explore more about those fonts and get more information.

Those are about the licenses, details, and also the prices. All of those trend font options are exclusive and unique and they will bring your project something impactful.

So, visit our website right now and make your order. The latest trend font styles from Productypes are always amazing and offer an interesting price.

References: https://looka.com/blog/modern-fonts/ ; https://justtheskills.com/font-trends/ ; www.productype.com

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