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The Unique Game Fonts that Must Be in Your Collection

If you want to make a fun project or content that is related to a game, then the game fonts must be on your list. It is a script that is designed in a special shape with some interesting lines.

Those designs will show you the fun side of a game. Mostly, that font must be bold and have a unique design so that it can be used in many gaming interfaces and titles.

Produktype as the leading font foundry has so many collections for that need. That is why; it is better to explore and take a look more at those collections.

What is the Gaming Font Should Be?

There are no certain requirements about what the game fonts should be. However, most people who are involved in a gaming project may have some criteria about that.

The common font that is used is Quantum Sans Serif Font which has the bold and easy-to-read characteristic. If you don’t have that, you can still use others that have almost the same look.

The game fonts must be not only pretty, but also functional. It is better to have a clear design so that players can read everything quickly during their intense game moments.

So, it means that this script must be easy to read and still interesting to see. You must manage the size as well to make people can read everything easily. In this case, your ability to design something is important to have.

The Recommended Game Fonts

Produktype through its website Produktype has many collections of gaming fonts that can be your references. Here are some of those scripts that can fit your needs. 

1.     Quwen King

Quwen King is so interesting because it has a playful side. It brings you a strong gaming style, and that is why; you can use it in many different projects. 

The size and design of this one of the interesting game fonts can easily catch the attention. You can add some ornaments around your sentence to make it more unique such as adding a thunder, brick, and so on.

2.     Arekoy

Game is always related to something playful so that it can help you to enjoy your spare time. That is why; you may need the fun and playful font for this case. We recommend you try Arekoy which is so unique.

Arekoy is designed playfully because the letters or characters have different thicknesses. Don’t worry because they are still in a good balance and can be read easily.

Since it is playful, you may need to combine this font with certain bright colors. Those can be yellow, pink, red, purple, and other shades in an eye-catching contrast.

3.     REDOB

REDOB is one of the game fonts that show us the sports racing spirit. It can be seen from the design that it has where all characters and letters here are quite bold.

They also give a high-speed vibe and you can use REDOB for any gaming project that is related to racing. Besides REDOB, there are still some other sport racing fonts from Produktype to try.

Those are Ekuhot, Amoonk, and Dropex. Just visit the Produktype website to learn more about those fonts and get more details that you may need to understand.

4.     REKUSEN

Rekusen is one of the game fonts that have the sans-serif style. This font looks neat with the same height between each letter. You can make it highly readable by adding shades to it.

Rekusen can be a great option for several casual or chill games. It brings all the freshness and young spirit vibes for your upcoming project.

Choose the Font Based on Your Project

Since games can come in different concepts, it is better to choose any game fonts that will suit your project. An example is if you make a game or content about a car, you may choose the sports racing script.

Meanwhile, you must choose a font that is playful if your game is about something that doesn’t require any adrenalin. Those can be an adventure option, a child game, cooking, and something like that.

The chosen font can be based on a theme that you create as well. If it is about cooking Asian dishes, for example, you may choose the Japanese or Korean style font that is also available in Productype.

Since there are a lot of collections available, choosing a font for gaming can be fun. So, visit the Productype website to pick the right game fonts and get ready to elevate your project more. 

The Unique Game Fonts that Must Be in Your Collection 1

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