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The Best Book Fonts for Your Writing and Documents

Some people want to use the right book fonts for their writing or documents. Although some of them thought that fonts were not a crucial thing, in fact, it is so important for writing.

There are some criteria or requirements that you should know. First of all this font must be easy to read and the second is it must ideally fit your text.

You should consider many things to choose the right font. Those are the effect, line spacing, word spacing, shape, and so on. 

Just Use One Font

In order to choose the best book fonts for your writing, document, or book, make sure to not use more than one type. It means that using the same font is better. 

It is based on research where the same font is used over and over again in 90% of all books. We all know that the common option is Times New Roman which is used for the contents of a book. 

You can easily find an example in the newspaper, magazine, etc. Other popular book fonts are Sans Serif and Garamond. However, you should note that every script may have its size, width, and tracking. 

What if you use two fonts for a book (especially for the content)? Some experts said that that decision may create chaotic vibes. In other words, we can note that the body text must be in one font only.

And, that font can be different from the headings. However, you can choose the different sizes and styles for that body text. Meanwhile, the heading is free to use any type of script.

The Amazing Book Fonts 

Produktype as the font foundry that sells various script styles has many options for you to have. Here are several amazing book fonts that you may want to use from Produktype.

1.     Genia

Genia is a part of Sans Serif font that is recommended for long text use. It is because this type is appealing and has a good readability. Genia gives you that because it looks neat.

Besides that, it also has a balanced size and space that will make people comfortable writing your text. You can choose Genia for the body text or even for the title of your book.

2.     Nebora

Nebora is also a sans-serif script that is quite different from Genia. You will see that Nebora is unique because some of its letters are created in creative shapes.

An example is the “A” letter that has an italic line in the middle. This font is also neat and easy to read, which is why; people love to use it for their long text as well.

3.     Adahi

It is one of the book fonts that is considered a modern sans serif type. You can see that this script has a rounded concept where the line of every letter is not sharp.

That is why; Adahi is quite casual and brings you a chill vibe. You can reduce the thickness if it is used for the book’s content. Meanwhile, you may apply the bold and big size one for headings.

4.     Jemrok

Jemrok is the classic book fonts that is a family of Sans Serifs as well. Based on the shape and style, this type shows you the classic and vintage vibe at the same time. 

However, Produktype groups it as a classic modernism font and that is why; you may use it for modern writing as well. Every letter is beautifully made, easy to read, and neat as well.

5.     Kevong Gabion

Kevong Gabion is also known as the classic type. The lines of every letter that it has are not sharp. Besides that, several letters are designed uniquely such as the ‘g’ character and so on.

This type also has a well-balanced size so that your writing will be easy to read. Besides your body text, Kevong Gabion is good for creating an interesting heading and title too.

6.     Cedag

Cedag is one of the book fonts that is regular and round just like the common design we can find. This sans serif type shows us the youth spirit since the style is quite simple and easy to read.

It can be your favorite font since some letters are designed in unique shapes as well. Explore more from Productype to see various book fonts and make your order now.

The Best Book Fonts for Your Writing and Documents 1

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