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What is a Visual Design Font and Where to Get It?

8. What is a Visual Design Font and Where to Get It
What is a Visual Design Font and Where to Get It? 1

Do you know about the visual design font? Visual design itself is focused more on the aesthetic value of a site and all materials related there.

It is done by implementing some aspects such as fonts, colors, images, and so on. If everything is done properly, it can engage users and help to raise trust & also interest in that brand. 

Based on the explanation above, a visual design font is something that is not only readable but also beautiful. It has a harmonic design that looks beyond aesthetic for sure.

The Elements of Visual Design Font

Since it is a fond, the elements for the visual design vary from the lines, shapes, form, texture, and typography. Everything must be in a good balance and can elevate your writing.

However, it doesn’t mean that the lines and texture must be based on certain rules. The artisans can make their best creation, but they must remember that the final result must be aesthetic. 

Besides the element above, there is one more that we cannot forget; space. Space is maybe something simple, but it has some functions in a visual design font.

Space can increase readability, reduce noise, and create illusion. Most artisans will use white space because it can do all of the functions above. Besides that, it also gives a clean and neat vibe.

The Amazing Virtual Design Script from Productype

Productype is a font foundry that has various styles of scripts. One of them is for sure the visual design font styles that are so beautiful and here is the list. 

1.     Maen Game

Maen Game is a playful display font that is so unique. It uses a fun twist style for each character that makes each letter look fun. It is a clear definition of visual design touch for a font.

This script is also recommended for lively games, bold displays, and entertaining event purposes. Overall, this concept will make your design into something in the game world.

2.     Gemsea

Gemsea is known as a gaming display font with thick characteristics. Visually, this option looks so aesthetic with the unique touch that every letter has. Everything is more beautiful with the shadow effect that it has. 

This visual design font also has five different family styles Blur, Regular, Outline, Engrave, and 3D. That is why; this concept lets you make various nuances for your design.

Using this Gemsea font will allow you can create not only a project but also an amazing work of art. The unique thing is this option brings you the strong nuance of an ocean.

3.     Kelaskin 

Kelaskin is a modern serif that brings you a strong taste of visual design. You can see that every letter is designed uniquely in the right balance and space between each other.

Several letters such as K, P, A, T, F, etc have more touches like the long tail. Those tails are so aesthetic with the flowing style. That is why; it is suitable to be used as a focal point or title of a writing.

Since this visual design font is unique, it can be applied to several themes. Whether it is about culinary, music, icons, party invitations, or other special events. 

4.     Brong Geduny

It is a very unique special design that you should try. Brong Geduny uses the concept of bubble gravity that show the urban spirit and creativity. Since it is related to gravity design, it is better to use a bright color for this font. 

This script is not only aesthetic to see, but also functional with its multilingual support. It means that you can express your thoughts and ideas in many different languages.

For your information, it has two complementary styles. Those are the regular ones for a bold look and the second is an outline for a lighter display. Don’t worry because the outline style is still expressive enough.

Choose Your Best Font

The visual design font styles above are great references for us. Everything can be found at Productype and the price is affordable as well. You can visit the website to get more details and information about every font.

Besides this kind of font, you can also find other styles that you may need. Those are like the racing, Korean, Arabic, up to the retro fonts.

Productype provides all for you and is ready to support your visual design needs. So, purchase your best visual design font now in Productype, a leading font foundry.

References: https://productype.com/brong-geduny-bubble-graffiti-font/ ; https://www.usability.gov/what-and-why/visual-design.html ; https://productype.com/shop/page/5/

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