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  5. Unique Movie Fonts Collection for a Cinematic Look

Unique Movie Fonts Collection for a Cinematic Look

4. Unique Movie Fonts Collection for a Cinematic Look
Unique Movie Fonts Collection for a Cinematic Look 1

Getting captivating movie fonts for your project can be a crucial thing to have. Typography is important because it can steal the attention and deliver the messages that you want to share.

You can see it in many famous movie titles out there where they use the help of lettering for their promotional purposes. However, there is one more thing to consider when choosing the best typography.

Since it is for a movie you should know that it will be displayed on the big screen. If it is not like that, the fonts must be easy to see and read even from a far distance.

Go with the Bold Fonts

There is one essential key to know here where the movie fonts must be bold enough. It is considered as the epic style that is needed by every epic film. 

The designers always try to find the most creative way through the font to capture the look. Meanwhile, the size must be based on your need and also the surrounding area.

It means that if you will use these movie fonts on a wide screen, you may need to pick the big size one. It will ensure all people in all seats can read the title or messages on the screen.

After that, don’t forget to use no more than two fonts. Keeping it simple but functional is the trick here. Using one or two styles is better because it looks clean and neat.

The Best Movie Fonts to Use

Productype is known as a leading font foundry nowadays. It has so many collections of typography styles such as movie fonts. If you want to know some, here is a further description to know.

1.     Kageb Bold

As it is named, this script uses a bold and thick style. In more detail, it is a serf bold that will make your movie title stand out. Besides that, it will be easily read by people too.

Kageb Bold doesn’t have too many sharp edges and strict lines. That is why; it looks casual and can be applied to any genre. You may use this style only or combine it with another typography.

2.     AENOS

Aenos is one of the movie fonts that is not only bold but also gives you a retro vibe. Overall, the design is amazing and some letters get a special touch and shape.

An example is the “E” letter where its bottom line is longer than the other two. Meanwhile, the “A” letter also has a unique small tail that will make your movie title easily noticed by people.

3.     KOEEYA

Koeeya is a display graffiti typography that is more than unique. The characters’ design will easily remind us of some graffiti that can be seen on the road. 

It means that the letters have a free-style shape, but somehow they still look nice. Furthermore, you can even say Koeeya is one of the movie fonts that has a high aesthetic value.


Quwen King is a display font that is highly related to the gaming concept. It means that the design is quite playful and fun at the same time. But don’t worry because you can apply it to your film project too.

It is best to use Quwen King for the title part. You can add the thickness and boldness rate of this typography. The aim is to make it seen and it can become the focal point of your promotion.

5.     GROWTH

It is the brush handwritten font that looks natural. It is just like the movie fonts that are made with real brush and ink. The overall look of this GROWTH typography is casual and youthful.

If you make it bigger and bolder, this typing is good for headers or titles. However, you may also use this script as the dialogue or translation that is usually added in a movie.

Best Fonts for the Scripts

When seeing a movie, sometimes the dialogues are translated and it will be displayed on the film. It is a normal thing, especially if that film uses a foreign language for its dialog. 

For this thing, you may need to use a small or medium size font. Besides that, make sure that the characters are neat and clean to make people can read it easily in a quick time.

Sans serif or serif can be the perfect option for this. You can find everything at Productype, especially to order the best movie fonts for your projects.

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