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The Best Music Fonts Choices for Making Logo or Lyrics

The Best Music Fonts Choices for Making Logo or Lyrics 1

If you want to make a musical project, you may need to check the best music fonts which are available right now. These kinds of typography bring something unique, beautiful, and functional at the same time.

The musical projects for this case are varied from making a song, creating the lyrics for YouTube, musical performance, and many more. You must pay attention to a detail to make that project stand out.

Whether you realize it or not, the font has a crucial role. It will ensure people know your message, and typography can make them feel the emotion that we need to deliver.

The Types of Musical Fonts

To find the best music fonts, it must be based on your needs and preferences. For example, if you want to get a Broadway vibe, you may need something classic and vintage.

Besides that, some other people may prefer to choose a modern design for their project. It is good for brand-new music or projects that follow the current trend.

Meanwhile, for the typography, you can choose some options such as classic sans serif, sans serif, display font, and so on. These options can consist the round shapes, sharp edges, twists, etc.

Productype as a leading font foundry has so many options for you. It is especially for music fonts that can be accessed through its website Productype.

The Best Fonts for Musical Projects

Productype provides various music fonts that you can choose based on your needs. All of them are affordable and available in several licenses. What are those typography options?

1.     GEMSEA

It is a gaming display font that looks chill and casual. Most characters that it owns are created in a round shape. It means that you will not find the sharp edges and something like that on these music fonts.

Once you see this Gemsea script, you will remember certain music genres such as reggae or something youthful. To support that theme, it is better to add soft colors as the background.

2.     Abreact

Abreact is classified as a brush-written font that looks classical. That is why; you may use it for modern classical music events or maybe concert promotions.

Overall, Abreact is natural with its line and shape. But, the designer still gives something unique, especially for the designs of several letters such as r, b, s, and many more again.


It is one of the music fonts that is classified as the brush-written type. This script is not that thick, but it still has the right boldness so that people can easily read your words.

You may use it for a huge musical concert or event where it may look simple, but still appealing at the same time. This Festival style also has a script font that is so elegant.

4.     ARHOKY

It is a blackletter font that has a unique and stylish flair. You can see that every letter there has a unique design such as the classic fence or swords.

However, it still has a good balance that makes it a great typography for a musical project. You can choose this one of the music fonts and combine it with another style too.

5.     YUK NGEXI

Sometimes maybe you want to make fun of musical events or create a playful project. If it is so, you must try this font. YUK NGEXY is a super playful display font that will bring that spirit.

It is considered a gaming display font, but will be good for other projects too. Since it brings a playful spirit, you may need to combine it with some colorful backgrounds, ornaments, etc.

6.     GOBAH

Nowadays, people love something sophisticated, modern, and futuristic. If you want to follow those themes, GOBAH as a futuristic font will fulfill that need easily.

Every letter that it has is designed uniquely, but it is still readable. You will notice that one of the music fonts shapes is like the shining neon. That is why; it reminds us of something futuristic and modern.

7.     YEKOW

YEKOW is a Japanese-style script where the design will remind of that Sakura country. Some letters look like the Japanese samurai and remind us of the traditional lettering that this country has.

You can choose it for any musical event, especially those that are related to Japan or Asia. Whatever it is, purchase it from Productype only so that you can get the best music fonts at an affordable price.

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